Catholic Education South Australia


The Mind Up Curriculum is implemented each year across all year levels at our school. This comprehensive, classroom-tested, evidence-based curriculum fosters social and emotional awareness, enhances psychological wellbeing, and promotes academic success. Students engage in learning experiences about their brain and its various functions, mindful strategies, and social and emotional skills.

Learning about the Brain teaches brain functions and the terminology used to describe it. By understanding the processes behind mindful and unmindful thoughts and actions, and the benefits of processing information before responding, students develop strategies to achieve a more mindful way of thinking.

Mindfulness practices increase awareness of the present moment, and an understanding that we are more successful when bodies and brains work together. Through mindfulness activities, students improve self-control and self-regulation, strengthen their resilience and decision-making skills, bolster their enthusiasm for learning, increase their academic success, reduce conflict, and develop positive social skills - such as empathy, compassion, patience and generosity.

Core breathing prepares students for mindful learning by calming the body, slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and sharpening the mind. The more controlled our breathing is, the more mindful we can become - so by learning core breathing practice, students can become more focused in school and outside of school.

Brain breaks throughout the day allow students to quiet and refocus their mind, giving them greater capacity for high learning achievement.