Your child’s wellbeing is a priority for every member of the St Brigid’s School community. 

Working alongside your child’s classroom teacher, the dedicated Wellbeing staff and all other staff members of our school, your child can seek support from a variety of people in the community ensuring your child’s emotional and physical wellbeing are at the forefront of our care.

Our Wellbeing Team includes Jason, our Assistant Principal - Innovation, Inclusion and Wellbeing, Chelsea, our Wellbeing Coordinator, and Anthony our School Chaplain. If you would like to highlight any concerns you may have about your child’s social and emotional needs, please email our Wellbeing team.


Miss Chelsea

Chelsea works as the Wellbeing Officer at St Brigid’s School. She has previously completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Counselling, and has been part of the St Brigid’s School community since 2022. She is passionate about increasing the wellbeing, and independent social and emotional skills of our community.

At St Brigid’s we offer a range of targeted, focussed intervention programs individually created to the needs of our students. These include: social and emotional learning groups, self-esteem groups, self-regulation groups etc.

We also offer 1:1 behavioural and wellbeing intervention programs. 

This building of trust and responsibility is how we foster a safe and supportive environment for all our students.    

Pastoral Care

Mr Anthony

Mr Anthony is a Pastoral Care worker and Curriculum ESO at St Brigid’s School, a role he has been in since 2021. 

During his time at St Brigid’s, the importance and focus on student well-being has grown rapidly. We strive to provide compassion, understanding and support to our community as a whole and as individuals.

At St Brigid’s, his role is to provide:

  • Well-being check-ins.
  • Group and individual support sessions.
  • Support programs (i.e. Senior School transition.)
  • Student mentoring.
  • Behavioural intervention/support.  
  • Breakfast program each morning

You can say hello to Mr Anthony who can be seen running our breakfast club in the canteen every morning, or Miss Chelsea who conducts morning check-ins with students in the courtyard.

If your child requires support with their wellbeing, then the first person they should seek assistance from is their classroom teacher. If patterns or trends are noticed, then the concern is raised with our Wellbeing Team who can organise check-ins, group-based social/emotional focuses, personal skill growth activities, and interventions.