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Religious Education


A proud Catholic community...

All staff and students at St Brigid's School participate in learning and activities which support the religious dimension of our school.

Drawing on both personal experiences and the taught curriculum, our Religious Education program supports and complements the sharing and deepening of faith. It invites students to understand their faith and how it operates in the world they know.

Class teachers have the privilege of providing students with an experience of Church that is life-giving, authentic, and related to student needs. 

The Religious Education program at St Brigid's School is planned using the Crossways RE-Design Religious Education Framework for South Australian Catholic Schools. This framework respects the fact that all students learn differently in a rapidly-changing world - which is becoming more technological and less personal. The program is designed so that all students have opportunities to pray, reflect and discuss their world and the world around them within the broader context of Catholic teaching.

The program is also taught with an understanding that parents are the first and foremost educators by way of faith for their children, and that families have a particularly important role to play in the spiritual development of the child.