Beyond The Classroom

At St Brigid's School, all students have the opportunity to participate in variety of specialist extracurricular activities - whether they are already experienced or trying something new for the first time.

These opportunities enable students to develop a range of skills and grow their friendships across the school.

Programs available at St Brigid's


Students can participate in the SA Catholic School Sports Association carnivals and a variety of after-school sports. As well as developing sports skills in training for these events, students build stamina, perseverance, resilience and teamwork skills.


Working with a specialised choir trainer, school choir members prepare to perform in the Catholic Schools Music Festival. They also have the chance to perform at our school concert and assemblies.

Programs available at St Brigid's

Instrumental Music
Our school has partnerships with private music teachers for musical instrument lessons on campus during school time. Tuition is available for vocals, piano/keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, and recorder. Details are available from the school office.


Chess Club
Our Chess Club members learn to play chess competitively. They develop a broad range of creative and critical thinking skills, as well as managing pressure and acting as good sportspeople.