Academic Growth


The learning process is complex. It involves not only knowledge, understandings and skills but values, attitudes, and habits of mind. The curriculum provided includes developing students’ initiative, self-discipline, motivation and independence with a focus on problem solving, higher order thinking and the integration of technology. 

Australian Curriculum
Using the Australian Curriculum as the framework for developing learning programs we provide a curriculum that is flexible, relevant, challenging and inclusive and which focuses on the intellectual, social, emotional and educational needs of all students.

St Brigid’s School offers a broad, balanced curriculum from Reception to Year 7 that covers the Australian Curriculum key learning areas: 

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (including Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography, History)
  • The Arts (including Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts)
  • Languages
  • Health and Physical Education and
  • Technologies (including Design and Technology, Digital Technologies).

Embedded in all of these learning areas are the General Capabilities (Literacy, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Scoial capability, Ethical understanding and Intercultural understanding) and Cross Curriculum Priorities (Sustainability, Asia and Australia’s engegment with Asia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures).