Vision and Mission

Sohrab with I Pad

St Brigid's Vision and Mission is underpinned by our school motto; Love, Peace & Learning

Our mission is to continue the message of Jesus by recognising the value and dignity of each individual within the community.

We provide an environment where:

  • Every person feels safe and nurtured
  • Everyone has a sense of belonging and an appreciation of their worth
  • Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the community of the school and to continue their journey in faith 
  • Every person is responsible for God's creation
Sohrab with I Pad

School Board

  • President: Father Leon Czechowicz
  • Chairperson: Mohammad Jafari
  • Deputy Chairperson: Joanne Santorelli
  • Principal: Trish O’Toole
  • Deputy Principal: Vicki Rubino
  • Finance:  Asmara Omar
  • Staff Representative:  Natasha Voiklis
  • Secretary:  Josie Colangelo
  • Parent Representative:  Bronwen McClelland
                                           Martin Manariyo


  • Uniform: Asmara Omar
  • Out Of School Hours Care: Bronwen McClelland


Getting Involved

We welcome your family's involvement in our community and genuinely appreciate the time you can contribute. Your ideas, energy and direct connection with your child's learning experience, strengths and the partnership we share.