The Dominican Sisters from North Adelaide opened St Brigid’s School in 1929.  It was then known as St Joseph’s School.  In 1947 the Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart replaced the Dominican Sisters in the school.

The School became known as St Brigid’s School in 1948.  Our patron saint is St Brigid, a well-known Irish saint in the 5th century, who started a religious community for both men and women in Ireland and devoted her life to teaching, writing and good works.  She was consecrated abbess of her community.

In 1954, a new Parish Church was built and also given the name, St Brigid’s.

The Sisters administered the school until 1989, when a lay principal was appointed.  Although the Sisters are no longer present in the school, the values and ideals developed by them remain a vital part of our educational and religious vision.

Extensive renovations and additions were carried out, made possible by a Federal Government grant and the generous support of parish and parents.

In 2005 the school embarked on a comprehensive redevelopment of the school to be completed in a number of stages. Stage 1 comprising the administrative area was completed in September 2006. Stage 2 comprising new classrooms, library, computer facilities, canteen and specialist suites were completed in September 2007.

We will deliver first class teaching and learning facilities as well as amenities for children's needs, thus ensuring the school's continuity well into the future.