In our prayers


Over this fortnight, our community have been able to spend some time remembering and praying for the people that have died who we knew and loved, as well as people we may not have known but who fought  in wars for our freedom. 

The connections with God and with members of God’s family – past and present - that build our stories, are so important in helping us understand who we are.

The two Year R/1 classes prepared the whole school mass for us, and whilst the mass of All Saints was celebrated by Fr Leon, we also used the opportunity to present to God and the names of those we have lost and wished to be held in prayer. In particular, we remembered and prayed for the families of some very special members of the St Brigid’s community. These people were in our special prayers and thoughts:

  • Sonia Ewaz Ali (brother to Altaf 2/3B)
  • John Athieu (father to Nyajok 2/3B, Ajah 1/2E and Akol R1/F)
  • Ms Gina Festa (Teacher at St Brigid’s School)
  • Ellie Verrall (Mother to Sienna 6/7D and Imani 4/5P)