Beyond The Classroom

Artists in Residence
Students work with two artists in residence. One of the artists’ works with students in the area of visual arts, exploring this as a medium to represent their identity and tell their story as part of the Storying across the Curriculum whole school focus. The other artist works with students in the area of dance, preparing them for their performance at our annual school concert.

School sports is an integral part of a child’s development. Each year our students are provided with opportunities to participate in the SA Catholic School Sports Association carnivals which include athletics, touch football and netball. As well as participating in specific skill building activities and training, our students prepare for these events building stamina, perseverance, resilience and team skills. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in outside school hours sports which include soccer, tennis, Australian rules football, volleyball and basketball.

Chess Club

Students have the opportunity to learn how to play chess, building and strengthening their skills to participate in tournaments. Students learn how to remain calm under pressure and be a great sportsperson as well as developing critical thinking skills, which include:

  • Problem solving
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Patience
  • Creative thinking
  • Pattern recognition
  • Strategic thinking

Dance Club
Students have the opportunity to participate in a specialised dance program. Students from a cross age group participate, providing older students with the experience of being mentors to younger students and developing their leadership skills. Younger students benefit by learning from older students and all the students gain further opportunities to build relationships with others.


At St Brigid’s we provide a specialised choir trainer to work with groups of students interested in participating in the school choir. Our senior choir group participates in training for their performance in the Catholic Schools Music Festival held at Adelaide Entertainment Centre along with students from other Catholic schools. Our choir groups also have further opportunities to perform at our school concert, assemblies and other venues.

School Camp
Each year our school student leaders attend camp at Mylor Outdoor Adventure Campsite. The students are involved in a range of activities to develop independence and responsibility, cooperation and team building skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills and social skills. They also build their self-confidence and strengthen their friendships through engaging in the activities. The skills they develop through the camp experience are lifelong and the memories shared continue for a lifetime.

Swimming Program

Learning to swim is a very important life skill to have, particularly in Australia where swimming is part of our lifestyle.  It’s vital that children learn water safety skills and have basic skills to enable them to be safe in water.  In Term 1 of each year all of our students participate in a swimming program at The Parks and Recreation Sports Centre.

Instrumental Music

Parents can arrange tuition for interested students through private music teachers, during school time. Parents pay for either individual or group tuition. Details are available from the school office.

Tuition is available in:

  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Drums
  • Voice