School Fees

At St Brigid's School we strive to keep all our fees affordable so we can offer a quality Catholic education to all families in our community

School fees also include the following

  • Tuition Fee
  • Resource Fee
  • Building Levy
  • Information Technology Levy 

Fee Policy

Fee Procedure

Resource Fee

At the beginning of the year a Resource Fee is charged for every child which pays for their stationery, materials, resources, expendables, paper and curriculum needs. These must be paid for and purchased through the school in order to meet the needs and standards of teachers and the school.

Financial Hardship

Families experiencing difficulty in meeting their financial commitments to the school are requested to make an appointment to meet with the school Finance Officer and/or the Principal to confidentially discuss their circumstances. Depending on the family's income, a reduction in fees may be available. As well, arrangements can be made to lessen the financial impact for parents through periodic payments and direct debits.

School Card Assistance

Depending on the income of parents, some government assistance may be available to lessen the contribution of parents. Parents are urged to seek clarification of this position and to complete a 'School Card Application Form', at the commencement of each year. Please enquire with the Finance Officer.