Mid Year Intake

A mid year intake procedure applies to St Brigid’s School.

Where a child turns five on or before April 30 in that year, they will start school on the first day of Term One of that year.

Where a child turns five on or before October 31 in that year, they will start school on the first day of Term 3.

Where a child turns 5 between November 1 and December 31, they will commence school the following year.

The minimum age for starting school will be four years and eight months.


A copy of the child’s baptismal certificate and/or birth certificate MUST accompany application forms for enrolment.

Upon receipt of the application, an interview with parents will be arranged.
Notification of acceptance will be made as soon as possible, after the interview.

As class sizes are limited, early application is strongly recommended. An enrolment application does NOT imply acceptance.

Reception children are ‘Transitioned’ into the school over a gradual period, in collaboration with the Pre-School concerned.

How to Enrol

Parents/Guardians complete an application for enrolment and return it to the school with a copy of the Baptismal Certificate (if applicable) and a copy of the Birth Certificate.

At that time an appointment should be made for an interview with the Principal.  Parents should present the child at the interview.

After the interview, parents will receive a letter confirming the enrolment, and offering a place at St Brigid’s.

Contact will be made prior to commencement to present information relating to transition, books, uniform and commencement details.