Our Parish

Parish Information

St Brigid’s School is part of the Kilburn/Clearview Parish in the care of Fr Leon Czechowic.  The partnership between parents, the school and the parish is central to supporting the faith formation of our children.  The school has a wonderful relationship with the Parish with school and class masses regularly celebrated at the Wednesday 9.00am Parish Mass.   

The Parish and Catholic schools within the Parish work together in supporting the Sacramental preparation for students wishing to celebrate Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist.                                              

It is open for children from who show an understanding of the sacraments with the guidance of their parents.     

The program is facilitated by Fr Leon Czechowic and the school APRIM’s and is based on a model where families and caregivers come together for meaningful and relevant preparation sessions. 

Please contact the school if you would like more information about the Sacramental Program.


St Brigid’s Church
50 Le Hunte St, Kilburn

Good Shepherd Church
7 Alban’s Place, Clearview

Mass Times


  • Saturday Vigil, Clearview - 6pm
  • Sundays, Kilburn - 9am
  • Sundays, Clearview - 10.30am


  • Kilburn - Monday to Wednesday, 9am
  • Clearview - Thursday to Friday, 10am

Church Contacts


Parish Priest:  Fr Leon Czechowicz
Parish Office:  7 Alban’s Place, Clearview
Ph:  8262 1070 (Tues-Fri) Fax:  8262 7951
Email:  clearkilbparish@intenode.on.net


Parish Associate:  Mrs Pat Hehir
Secretary:  Mrs Iris Daily
Presbytery:  50 Le Hunte Street, Kilburn
Ph: 8262 1366  Fax:  8359 4137