St Brigid’s School is an integral part of the wider parish community and, as such, recognises the importance of its role in building a community which is supportive of children, staff, parents and parishioners.

Our mission is to continue the message of Jesus by recognizing the value and dignity of each individual within the community.

We provide an environment where:

  • Every person feels safe and nurtured
  • Everyone have a sense of belonging and an appreciation of their worth
  • Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the community of the school and to continue their journey in faith
  • Every person is responsible for God’s creation


As a Catholic School we educate and support children to participate in the living traditions and faith experiences of the Catholic Church.  We work in partnership with parents and recognise them as the primary educators in nurturing their child/children in faith.  We also work in partnership with the Parish to initiate children in the sacramental life of the church community.

To encourage growth in spiritual awareness, we acknowledge many ways of praising God through liturgy and prayer.


Celebration is an integral part of our community.  At St Brigid’s we celebrate our relationship with each other and our relationship with the community. We celebrate many other things - our achievements, diversity, the sacraments, culture, special days, family and friends, through school and community gatherings and festivities, liturgy prayer and everyday life.